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Sports Grass

Sports Grass are specialists in providing the best alternative to real grass. Artificial turf systems are increasingly popular for schools, training facilities, sport centres and even residential use. Supply and installation services are available for most sport disciplines; please make a selection from above to see detailed information specific to your area of sport.

Modern artificial turf systems closely imitate the characteristics of real grass. Our products have been extensively tested to meet professional sports standards. Sports grass is available for football pitches, hockey fields, golf, tennis and rugby. Some information is also available on FIFA standards for football and FIH standards for hockey.

3G Pitches

It can be challenging and expensive to maintain football pitches and rugby pitches in optimum condition. Can you imagine playing on a perfect surface every week with not a single match postponement all season? Many sports facilities are now enjoying these benefits with a 3G pitch (third generation artificial turf pitch) as an alternative solution to natural grass.

When artificial turf was first used in sport over 30 years ago, it failed to provide a level of quality that compares to natural grass. Now with 3G turf, the grass feels real, looks real and plays to a high performance.

In recognition of its excellent playing characteristics, 3G turf is now officially endorsed for both professional and community use by sports governing bodies IRB (International Rugby Board) and FIFA (Federation of International Football Associations). Specifically in the UK, 3G surfaces are endorsed by The FA (Football Association), RFU (Rugby Football Union) and RFL (Rugby Football League).

3G Pitch Cost

The first question people often ask is "how much does a 3G pitch cost?". The answer depends on the size and level of play.

Regarding the size, MUGA (Multi Use Games Area) or five-a-side pitches cost much less than a full size football field or rugby field.

Regarding the level of play, your 3g pitch will cost much less if it is only to be used for training sessions and to host games of amateur football or amateur rugby. A 3g pitch used for professional football or professional rugby is much more expensive because the field will need to be tested and issued with a certificate to show it meets the requirements as specified in the laws of the game (such as ball roll, ball bounce and ball angle rebound).

GreenFields Turf

Discover more about 3g turf by visiting GreenFields Turf. GreenFields are a FIFA Preferred Producer and IRB Preferred Turf Producer.

3g pitch construction
Artificial turf by sports grass